Cloud Phone

has ‘em all.

Here’s a sampling of the many advantages that come with having your cloud phone system.
When considering VoIP as your phone setup of choice, look at it as a giant leap forward in telecommunication possibilities.

Ongoing Simplicity

VoIP puts you in control of adding/deleting users and enabling additional features. With very little training, you‘ll need no additional technical support or dedicated staff.

More Resilience

Floods? Earthquakes? Fires? Bounce right back! With cloud phone, you keep no physical boxes on your premises. Should catastrophe strike, you can manage your phones from any internet connection.

Effortless Scalability

Scaling your hosted phone system up or down is super easy. Address temporary spikes or permanent system upgrades quickly and seamlessly without any service disruption. This is of particular viability to seasonal businesses and pop-up shops.

True Mobility

Not the typical nine-to-fiver? VoIP affords your team uninterrupted connectivity and productivity, with reliable telecom access from virtually anywhere in the world.

Zero Depreciation

Hosted PBX means no need for phone equipment that loses value over time. Even more, with CompuVoIP’s exclusive phone rebate program, you pay nothing for your phones.

Cost Savings

Forget paying for expensive in-house phone systems. Simply purchase VoIP-ready handsets and a data connection, and save big on your monthly service fees.

Automatic Upgrades

Because VoIP is hosted elsewhere, you never need to upgrade any hardware or software on your end. Upgrades happen in the background and are fully automated.

Advanced Features

Cloud phone offers modern capabilities: Voicemail to e-mail, fax to e-mail, remote call management, auto attendant, company directory, on-hold music and voice messaging.

t49gVibrant Displays

VoIP brings full-color video conferencing across the globe. Increase productivity manifold by turning your business communications into a more personal and useful exercise.

Powerful Platform

A hosted system allows you to connect multiple offices as well as mobile workers to your headquarters. You also enjoy remote management via an easy-to-use online portal.

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