Computxt Benefits

Nearly all your customers are texting today. Over 10 billion texts are sent each day in the US. Most of us prefer a text to a voicemail. It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message.

Customers like to have the option of texting a business, as it puts control back in their hands.

Computxt brings the archiving capabilities of email to your business texts. With permanent records of all your customer interactions, you have the information you need to respond to customer complaints about incorrect orders, appointment delays, etc.

Medical Professionals
One of the biggest problems for doctors, dental practitioners and anyone else who operates their business on an appointment basis is no-shows. Manually making calls or sending out emails about appointments can help reduce this, but it’s also very time intensive.

Tools like SetMore and Appointment Reminder can help to reduce this cost by sending out notifications when an appointment is booked, as well as notifying customers and/or employees about changes to the appointment.

Call Centers
Using CompuTxt, your customers can text to your landline telephone number. CompuTxt maps it to contact center support email. Customer sends a text message to the assigned number (e.g “I want to reschedule my carpet cleaning appointment, pls call me asap”). The message will be forwarded to your support center email address, which either handled manually or generates an automatic service request and a text response by help desk or service desk software.

Incoming texts can be distributed among your entire customer service staff through your help desk software system. This enables quicker action on customer requests and increases customer satisfaction.

Service Department
The service department of a car dealership experiences high call volume and is missing calls. Calling customers back is not only time consuming but risks a further round of phone tag. With CompuTxt, the service department’s customers text their inquiry, allowing the service department to send a quick response.